The “Gaze”

The “Gaze”

(Toronto, 2010)

Dancers from the Zanzibar Strip Club on Yonge St. were photographed during their breaks on the roof of the building. Ten photos of the women were posted on the website Torontoist.

Apparently, Zanzibar strippers never get a break from the  “gaze”. Only because they perform their bodies on the stage, people end up assuming that their bodies are there to be looked at, or even pictured. They are contained in their bodies (just like everyone else), but their bodies start to absorb them. And all these happen on our Yonge Street, and just a block away from where we will go to write our papers.


About Ryerson On Yonge

A course in the Faculty of Arts, we have been studying the history of the neighbourhood around Yonge and Dundas, and Ryerson campus, in order to consider the social context and cultural importance of the new Student Learning Centre, which will occupy 341 through 355 Yonge Street. This blog is not an official Ryerson publication, and is a student-composed analysis of campus and its neighbourhood.
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