The Heart of Downtown

An Aorta


A heartbeat.

It’s the sound of your ventricles pushing oxygenated blood through your body.  Every drop of blood in your body flows through the heart and out of the Aorta.  It is the mantle of your circulatory system; the passage most frequented; the widest; the thickest; the most indispensable 15-18 inches of your entire system.

Toronto has one too.  Otherwise known as Yonge St, it separates the East from the West, and the in from the out.  Which is why Ryerson, just like anyone, just has to be there.

Yonge Street and Dundas is the Heart of Life Downtown

This desire is not new, either.  Historically, many groups have settled around the area of the Student Learning Centre site at Yonge and Gould.  Building gateways onto Yonge Street was a method of integrating into the culture and overall environment of downtown Toronto.  Some examples of this cultural movement around Yonge include the Jewish ward and the Greeks’ establishment of restaurants along the street.

Yonge Street as an Aorta

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About Ryerson On Yonge

A course in the Faculty of Arts, we have been studying the history of the neighbourhood around Yonge and Dundas, and Ryerson campus, in order to consider the social context and cultural importance of the new Student Learning Centre, which will occupy 341 through 355 Yonge Street. This blog is not an official Ryerson publication, and is a student-composed analysis of campus and its neighbourhood.
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