New Student Learning Centre Design

Ryerson publicly launched the designs for the new Student Learning Centre yesterday. Very exciting, and architecture writers have already chimed in.

On the other hand, here’s part of a conversation overheard yesterday: “What’s a Learning Centre anyway?”… “It seems to be a library without any books!”

Yes, the new Student Learning Centre will apparently be a space to browse and watch and chat — primarily wireless. The days of flipping pages, studying, and “shhhh!!!!” are gone. (Or perhaps they’ll simply be left behind in the old “library”, which was built to facilitate that kind of practice.)

About Ryerson On Yonge

A course in the Faculty of Arts, we have been studying the history of the neighbourhood around Yonge and Dundas, and Ryerson campus, in order to consider the social context and cultural importance of the new Student Learning Centre, which will occupy 341 through 355 Yonge Street. This blog is not an official Ryerson publication, and is a student-composed analysis of campus and its neighbourhood.
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